Docking Ring

I reached enough of a critical mass in the digital kit bash library to digitally assemble the docking ring inserts. I have most of these kits in real-life (except the SeaLab), but the virtual assembly has greatly informed how the parts align and where to cut stuff…

Here is one of my machined docking rings with a laser etched donor plate insert set in place and a paper plating template wrapped around the circumference.

RACAL Amplivox MiniLite Headset

Just a quick 2-day project. Not sure if I’ll publish these. While I think the proportions are pretty close, the overall size was a total guess. If anyone has some actual dimensions, I’ll gladly post the files…

I wonder what these will look like at 1/36 scale. Lol.RACAL_MiniLite_Amplivox_160331_jm.25