falcon flight sim : updated



Ok, so while I was waiting for my Solidworks and Alias licenses to get updated, I did a little side project. A Millennium Falcon flight sim!

Well, technically it simulates the display on the dashboard console – or my imagining of it.

It has 360+ of the known planets in the Star Wars galaxy mapped in 3D space and you can fly around and explore the whole galaxy.

The little compass thingy at the bottom always points toward the center of the galaxy (it’s easy to get lost) and the planet names appear as you fly close to them.

The read-out at the top shows current heading and and speed and a bunch of other stuff – but It’s all in Aurebesh, of course. So get to translating.

The controls are:

W – dive
S – climb
A – bank left
D – bank right
Q – hyperspace (of sorts)
E – brake


Tweaked the UI quite a bit and added destination presets! Using the numbers keys (not the ones on the num pad…)

0 – Tatooine
1 – Alderaan
2 – Yavin
3 – Hoth
4 – Bespin
5 – Endor
6 – Coruscant
7 – Naboo
8 – Kamino
9 – Geonosis
minus – Utapau
equals – Mustafar
tilde – Dagobah


Sidewall Complete!

Well, I think the sidewalls are done! Published to grabCAD and free to download and start tweaking and printing. This was a lot of work – whew – but I learned a lot. There will definitely be some things that I’ll be doing differently from a workflow standpoint; things I’ll be doing different when I start to tackle the rear wall – which is up next!

Here’s a view looking toward Han’s side:


… and a view looking toward Chewie’s side:


This was probably the trickiest bit to source image for; looking up at the roof.


side walls done

Panel_Han_02dI think that’s about it for the side walls. I’ll probably do a bit of noodling on some details here and there, but the bulk of it is done. Yay!

I still have some prep-work to do before I get it up on GrabCAD – like some sexy renderings (no more purple and teal toggles) and the panels sectioned down into manageable bits, but it should be any day now. I’ll also get these on the Form1 at the same scale I was doing the seats too!

Han Panels


A little more panel work. See? That printer is motivation!

Love those purple and green toggles – not sure why Lucas didn’t do that in the first place?


Update: a bit more done this evening. Still a bit naked without the pinstripes.

wookie panels

Just a quick update to show work in progress. Kudos to the SofaKing for actually pulling this off in real life – even the digital model has been a lot of work.

Anyway, I’m migrating my Illustrator layouts to 3D; fixing a few things along the way. Still a long ways to go and the colors and materials are just place holder for the moment. Although all red LED’s bring a certain unity to it all…


sidewall +1

A bit more active work schedule and one of the worst springtime colds I’ve ever had has slowed me down a bit, but here’s a minor update to the sidewall art I showed in the last post. I’m probably 99% done with Chewie’s side and and maybe 90% on Han’s. There are some mystery areas on Han’s side that are rarely seen in the movie. If anyone has some good photos feel free to drop me a line!


Chewie’s Side:


And Han’s:


pilot seats refined


While I’m figuring-out what I want to do with the corridor, I took a bit of time to refine the captain’s chairs. I tweaked the interior panels to have a bit more of a lived in feel. I also noticed in some photos that the quilted part of the seat back has more of a paunchy feel to it – over-stuffed almost – as opposed to my last version that was a bit more taught and tailored.

I also revised the base pedestal to match the Nav Seats better. Not that I know what the pilot seat based really look like – but my assumption is that they used similar hardware.

even more nav comm

I still have some more work to do on the parts that aren’t part of the Martin Baker frame (ahem, Tupperware lid), but I think I’m about as close to the MB Mk4 frame as I’m gonna get without one sitting in front of me.

The catapult tube and top cap have been updated. All the fiddly lever and linkage bits on the sides have been updated. The drogue gun has been resized to be more accurate. Most of the underlaying structure has been adjusted. I’ve recanted on my thoughts about the rubber banding on the seat pads – what I show seems to fit better against photo reference – a 1-inch band coupled with a 1/2″ tube binding the seat frame.

Here is a 4k high res image of the chair so far…

Millenium Falcon Nav Comm Seats

… and I’ve had a few people ask for orthographic projections of my seat in progress.

My daughter refers to the edge pattern on the the seat pads as the “Butterfly”; it’s an artifact of the modeling technique I use to create soft pillowed forms, not unlike the natural surfacing techniques I’ve done on watches for Nike.