nav-comm seats

The Nav-Comm seats seen directly behind Han and Chewie, are based on Martin-Baker Mk IV ejection seats. Specifically the weight reduced variant found in the English RAF’s Sea Venom FAW.22 – the MB 4AV1-2. It seems to be very rare.

Here’s my current CAD model of the seat. It’s a work in progress since everytime I add something new, I realize how much is wrong with what I’ve build. I think I’ve rebuilt that head-piece about a dozen times.

On the upper left is the ejection seat’s Time Release Mechanism and on the upper right is the Drogue Gun – both of which remained in tact on the Falcon’s seats.

I’m pretty sure the seat back and seat pan pads are from folding chairs and the ribbed sections are 1″ foam rubber (weather stripping) laid in pattern. I think there is also a bit of pipe insulation used around the ejection seat frame. and then there is a lay-up of 1/4″ milky white plexiglas strapped to the back that covers-up most of the catapult tube.