RACAL Amplivox MiniLite Headset

Just a quick 2-day project. Not sure if I’ll publish these. While I think the proportions are pretty close, the overall size was a total guess. If anyone has some actual dimensions, I’ll gladly post the files…

I wonder what these will look like at 1/36 scale. Lol.RACAL_MiniLite_Amplivox_160331_jm.25




Quad Cannon Test Print



Just got these polyjet printed and added a single coat of white primer. No sanding yet.

This is the ANH 5′ gun printed at half scale. It was printed in six pieces and includes hollows for 1/16″ steel rods inside the barrels and the articulation points.

I did this as a test print to figure out my tolerances for snap fits and such.