joshua maruska

Principal Design Scientist

Joshua has been part of the TEAGUE team since 2002 when he was brought on to apply his unique and varied background in industrial design, multimedia creation, and advanced 3D visualization tools; he continues to blend his deep appreciation for all things technical and artistic acting as TEAGUE’s Principal Design Scientist. While at TEAGUE Joshua has worked with clients such as Microsoft, SC Johnson, Intel, Samsung, HP, Panasonic, Nike, and Starbucks.

Prior to joining TEAGUE Joshua worked at Thomson Consumer Electronics, designing and overseeing the production of high-definition and digital television products under the RCA brand. He later joined Motorola as a design lead at the company’s Chicago-based Design Center, specializing in highly miniaturized and customizable personal communications products and accessories.

Joshua is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and has been practicing product design and development since 1993.

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