1/12th X-Wing Prologue

A couple years ago, Jason Eaton approached Andre and I with an idea. It went something like – you know the big (and kind of wonky) X-Wing that was built for Jedi but never filmed? What if we made an exact replica of the as-shot hero models from A New Hope – but at twice the size!

A true 1/12th scale X-Wing based on the 1/24th scale filming models.

It seemed a reasonable ask. There are only a handful of greebles on the ship – probably a hundredth of what’s on the Falcon. The wings are kind of slabby. Sure why not? How hard could it be. Ha.

Over the next several posts, I’ll recap what we’ve been working on. Yes, the Falcon is still in progress – and I’ll post some updates about that – but let us sidetrack for a bit.