base model

My approach will, hopefully, be a bit unique. While I’ve done quite a bit of traditional fine scale modeling – most of my model-making experience come from the product design prototyping arena.

For this type of prototyping we use so pretty cool tolls that I hope to apply to my own Falcon build. I’ll employ some rapid prototyping, CNC machining, casting and probably some laser or ultrasonically cut part as well.

Of course, the ‘kit bashed’ portion of the model is where all the detail comes from. This aspect will be very traditional – except in instances where kit are no longer available, to too expensive to be had – like the Entex 935 RSR Porsche.

Having a somewhat digital workflow inevitably leads to a trail of digital assets. These assets, I’ll make avail able in some form here on the Falconer site.

The first of which is my 2D layout for the 32” Studio Scale model.

I’m using this as reference for placement of detail and overall proportion. It’s my translation of Helder’s documentation but it’s still largely interpretive – and in flux. But this is it as of the beginning of March. I’ll update it as my own model evolves.

The file can be opened into Adobe Illustrator and is dimensionally accurate, so you can grab measurements as needed.