sub frame

Here are some of the aluminum parts I’ll be using to assemble the sub frame. I’m still in the planning stages, but you can kind of see where it’s headed.

It’s mostly 1 inch square extrusion that will be notched at the intersections to make the whole thing 1” thick. Two large 0.060” ABS panels in the basic silhouette of the craft will be attached to the dorsal and ventral sides of the sub-frame and the wedges to to those.

With all the CAD work I’ve shown so far, I thought it’d be good to show something in the physical world.

The black block in the upper left is one of my ABS chunks that eventually will be the wedge of the saucer the has the radar dish on it, among other parts.

The little aluminum hex rod in the upper right is my mounting post. This will be part of the stand I’ll use to hold the model up while I work. It threads onto an old camera tripod.