even more nav comm

I still have some more work to do on the parts that aren’t part of the Martin Baker frame (ahem, Tupperware lid), but I think I’m about as close to the MB Mk4 frame as I’m gonna get without one sitting in front of me.

The catapult tube and top cap have been updated. All the fiddly lever and linkage bits on the sides have been updated. The drogue gun has been resized to be more accurate. Most of the underlaying structure has been adjusted. I’ve recanted on my thoughts about the rubber banding on the seat pads – what I show seems to fit better against photo reference – a 1-inch band coupled with a 1/2″ tube binding the seat frame.

Here is a 4k high res image of the chair so far…

Millenium Falcon Nav Comm Seats

… and I’ve had a few people ask for orthographic projections of my seat in progress.

My daughter refers to the edge pattern on the the seat pads as the “Butterfly”; it’s an artifact of the modeling technique I use to create soft pillowed forms, not unlike the natural surfacing techniques I’ve done on watches for Nike.