RACAL Amplivox MiniLite Headset

Just a quick 2-day project. Not sure if I’ll publish these. While I think the proportions are pretty close, the overall size was a total guess. If anyone has some actual dimensions, I’ll gladly post the files…

I wonder what these will look like at 1/36 scale. Lol.RACAL_MiniLite_Amplivox_160331_jm.25




first prints

first_SLA_seatsI’m having fun getting the FormLabs Form 1 printer dialed in. Funny how every printer and printing technology has it’s idiosyncrasies. But here are the first prints!

The Nav Seat is about 1 ¾” tall at 1/35 scale so these are pretty tiny. The detail help up and the stair stepping isn’t too bad. I’m curious what they will look like with a coat of paint on them.

Han half done


A minor update. Started work on Han’s side of the sidewalls and got through the lower two panels. Still a bit of a mystery of what is happing just behind Han’s left elbow – hardly ever see any views of this part. Any help would, um, be helpful…

MF_CockpitCone-130729_jm.13And a quick render of all the panels together so far.

wookie panels complete

I think I’m about done with these. There are a couple tweaks I will probably make, but wanted to get some renderings out while I’m enjoying the long week-end.


A view from the outside – standings on a mandible perhaps?


Chewie’s stepped out for a wookie break…


I’ll get the console back in at some point.


Update… This image was still cooking when I posted last night.



Here is a bit of a behind-the-scenes for how I’m going about reconstructing the sidewall control placements. I started with this reference image (which is my primary reference photo – it shows the cockpit before the “shrinkage”; the chopped-up version seen in A New Hope that was made to feel more, um, claustrophobic)…anhmfcockpit1ks1

I cropped each side panel from the photo, perspective corrected them individually and then strung them together to make one large unfolded panel with the right proportions.Basic RGB

I then created new artwork from the corrected reference photo. This will be used as an underlay for the next round of CAD work. I don’t think I will be able to find as good a reference for Han’s side, but this exercise has at least set a precedent for the grid spacing of each of the elements – which should provide solid starting points for the other side…


Sorry for such a long skinny post…

nose cone


Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to. I’ve been remodeling the cockpit cone. I think this version is a better mash-up of the 5-foot and the full scale builds. It’s mostly an exercise in proportion at this point.



I’m also starting to look at how I might make space for lighting elements. I’m playing with various light-pipe design for the light bars to be lit with a single LED each and fiber optic solutions for the myriad of tiny lights on the side walls.