full scale cockpit

After taking a three-year hiatus to remodel the house and have a baby, I’m back. Of course, things change in three years, I’ve had time to reflect on the project and learn quite a bit.

One of the things that stymied me regarding the falcon build was how I was going to resolve the things I liked about the 5-foot model into my 32″ version. Then I started trying to reconcile the interior (or at least the cockpit, which is the part of the interior that is visible from the outside) and this proved to be real head-mash.

After extensively reviewing footage and photos of the cockpit set piece and this helpful thread on the RPF, I realized that it would be tricky, at best, to find the parts I needed to detail a accurate cockpit at scale using found kit parts. I then decided the best path would just be to replicate the the whole set and then scale the whole thing down to fit my 32″ version and then 3D print the bits needed.

So if it wasn’t enough to endeavor researching all the little bits that go on the outside, I’m learning a whole heck of a lot about what went into the inside.

This approach has meant some changes to my master model – the cockpit cone is now accurate to the set piece rather than either the 32″ or 5 foot versions (except for the very very front window struts – which I prefer to be more parallel than wedge shaped. The main struts are still tapered though).