Gun Platforms

Some in-progress work on my gun platforms. Machined bases with acrylic tops. 3D printed window frame.

In-progress gun mount pyramid too. Acrylic, styrene, donor parts, some printing…

The quad gun will be eventually have a cast cradle made from printed bits and donor parts. The barrels are printed and slipped over a brass tube core with the donor bits added to the back third.

Printed parts, brass parts and donors primed and ready…

Quad Cannon Test Print



Just got these polyjet printed and added a single coat of white primer. No sanding yet.

This is the ANH 5′ gun printed at half scale. It was printed in six pieces and includes hollows for 1/16″ steel rods inside the barrels and the articulation points.

I did this as a test print to figure out my tolerances for snap fits and such.