console complete



Whew – this was a big push!

I hope to get this all up on grabCad over the week-end. As with most anything I’ve done – it’s all still work in progress and subject to revision (I’m a bit concerned that the main dashboard is a bit too wide at the moment).

I’ll probably be working on some of the interior side panels next. With many of the buttons and switches built for this model, I hope the rest goes a bit quicker.



cockpit console detail

Been traveling a lot lately, but have kept chugging along. Been focusing on the main dashboard console for the cockpit. This includes building a library of common parts such as; the chicklet buttons, toggle switches, rocker switches, keycaps and so on. Hopefully this will make populating the sidewalls of the cockpit interior go a bit faster. Now for some eye candy…MF_Cockpit-Console_13.233

MF_Cockpit-Console_13.231 MF_Cockpit-Console_13.232 MF_Cockpit-Console_13.234


I have most of the console proportions roughed-in and some of the buttons and switches starting to populate the dash. Still plenty to do, but with each major chunk I add, I have new insight as to the proportions of the other bits…