pilot seats refined


While I’m figuring-out what I want to do with the corridor, I took a bit of time to refine the captain’s chairs. I tweaked the interior panels to have a bit more of a lived in feel. I also noticed in some photos that the quilted part of the seat back has more of a paunchy feel to it – over-stuffed almost – as opposed to my last version that was a bit more taught and tailored.

I also revised the base pedestal to match the Nav Seats better. Not that I know what the pilot seat based really look like – but my assumption is that they used similar hardware.

nav seats, done (sort of…)

Nav Seat

Hey all – so after much fussing here’s where I’m at with the Nav seats. I think I’m pretty much done and the files have been uploaded to grabCad. There is still a bit of work to be done to get them to a printable state, but that will happen in due time. All the major elements are there and the exterior surfaces are represented as accurately as I think I’m going to get – so I’ll call it done for now.


I might do some more renderings, but since my goal is to print these, I probably won’t spend the time texturing and weathering them. Never say never though…