ship of riddles strikes back



It’s long been known that the Falcon is a ship of mystery – especially if you’re trying to reconcile interior set elements with exterior proportions. I haven’t run into too many head-scratchers yet on my project, but I have now. I’ve started roughing-out the rest of the cockpit and access corridor.

The amount of hallway behind the cockpit, but before the bend, just doesn’t fit. I could just arbitrarily extend the length of the hall way to fit the set proportion, but then it would make the bird look really odd from the exterior.

Not only do the lengths not fit, but the corridor tubes and the cockpit diameters are eccentric. The corridor doesn’t even fit in the exterior tube diameter unless the cockpit is scaled really tiny compared to the exterior. I’ve seen this as a solution in the Full Scale Falcon plans (at least as of the latest 3D walk-through) and the Falcon Haynes Manual.

I’m considering a few things; shortening the first ring of padding between the cockpit and first structural bulkhead ring,¬†and¬†adding a ramp or stairs down to the cockpit floor which are at very different levels when the access corridor is scaled down enough to be concentric with the cockpit…

I could also just ignore the whole issue and close the cockpit door – but I’ve always imagined that my model would allow a peek down the corridor.